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Splash day, Fun day!

Splash day was a success, children enjoyed playing in the water doing various activities!

This week we have been talking about fire alarm drills and earth quake drills with the children, and we had our drill on Thursday. The children were curious and also comprehend a little why it's necessary to have the drill. It was amazing to see them disciplined and calm. We are working on learning safety practices and procedures with them! We practiced exiting the building in a fast manner and going to a safe area. Parents are always encouraged to talk about safety related topics with their child.

Children's activities in the older group:

-Bugs seem to capture their attention during outdoor play so this week they worked on creating their own bug with different materials such as different colored shapes and pipe cleaners, each child took pride in the bug they created and even gave it a name! (Artistic freedom)

-We have continued to work on making play dough, adding substances such as flour or water to change the texture of it. (Scientific exploration and discovery)

-For circle time, we have been learning our 5 senses; smell, taste, hearing, touch, and sight. We also learned number recognition. (Mathematical thinking)

-Lastly, since there is a variety of materials in the classroom using magnets, the children have become interested in knowing more about how magnets work. We discussed: - what is a magnet - what type of metal is magnetic - how magnets have a north and south pole; and how opposites attract. - The children had an opportunity to experiment with magnets and find out if two of the same poles would stick together. (Their conclusion was, no they can not)

Children's activities in the younger Group:

- Children had fun dancing to music while, jumping, hopping, walking, and etc. (gross motor skills)

- In the studio they painted using different materials provided such as yarn and cloth pins. (Eye hand coordination) -They also had a run-through on their shapes by doing a shape collage.

-Some of the children enjoyed using the puppets in the classroom. They have been using their imagination to create their own stories. They came up with the idea of creating their own puppet theater. This is an interesting project as it will be on-going that the children will keep on working on. Children are using the materials available in the studio such as big boxes, tape, and craft sticks.

We will be including more activities for practical life in the near future such as prepping, cooking, and baking. Each week we will be creating a different dish. We welcome parents to contact us for any questions regarding the activities.

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