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Happy Holidays!!

Glad to see all the parents make it to the children's Winter concert, they all looked great! Thank you for your ongoing support! Our children's potluck was a success and all the children really enjoyed it. Thank you parents for providing the food and the volunteers that gave us a hand.

Highlights of the week:

During our group meeting while discussing about the weather, children were curious to know where it comes from. Children came up with different ideas such as; clouds create the winds or ocean creates wind. They were really interested on this topic so we read a book on Wind. Since we have entered a new season, children are interested in winter, having class discussions about what the different changes in the environment and weather.

The children are practicing their phonetic sounds daily. This week, they focused on the beginning sound of their name. Once recognizing the sound, they were asked to think of a word that begins with the same sound. It is important to teach the children how to care for the environment. We are practicing these skills on a daily basis: - Taking care of the material and toys available such as toys, books, paper. - We have had class discussions on why we cannot over use paper; whether it is toilet paper, writing paper, or napkins. - Since it is the flu/cold season, children are discussing why it is important to ALWAYS cover their mouths while coughing, wash hands frequently, how germs spread, and how to take care of themselves. We got some new toys for the classroom and all of the children were really interested in using them, waiting eagerly for their turn to play. Children used their imaginations and created boats, cars, houses, and animals.

Atelier (Art Studio): In preparation for the holiday season, children decorated their own pine cones as Christmas trees. They used paint, glitter, pom poms, and cotton balls!

Children were ecstatic to create their Christmas trees for snack today using ice cream sugar cones, green frosting, chocolate chips, icing tubes, and mini marshmallows!

They also stirred their own chocolate milk and ate mini pancakes together!

We hope that your little one’s are enjoying their time at Twinkle Tots as much as we enjoy teaching them.

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