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Sensory Play and Mathematics

We hope you all had a wonderful month of January. Now, lets welcome February!Just a reminder we will be closed on Monday February 19, 2018 in observance of President’s Day.

Please continue having conversations daily with your children in order to enhance their language development. Also remember to avoid or limit technology use; bring along their favorite book on outings where there will be waiting; this will help to encourage their reading habit.

Vegetable of the Week: This week, we will be introducing Broccoli. Parents are encouraged to provide broccoli with their meals at home.

Yellow Duck Class:

Morning Meeting

  • This week our discussions have led us to measure while pouring liquids. Children loved pouring milk and water half way in their cups from a small size pitcher. They are practicing pouring and measuring on a daily basis!

  • Children were provided beans in a tub and added water to the water table for them to explore.

  • The “Baby Shark” song is still a favorite, so in the water table our friends had some ocean animal toys to further build on their imagination. Remember, the language development continues to increase when given the opportunity to use their mind.

Atelier (Art Studio)

  • Children are continuously working on their fine motor skills to make the three-prong finger grip strong. Our Yellow Duck friends were given stampers for coloring and finger grip practice.

  • This week the children were encouraged to begin their snipping ability with scissors. In order to keep their concentration, we gave them a long piece of yarn to snip. With this practice, they are working on their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Brown Bear Class:

Some parents have brought to our attention Valentine’s Day festivities for the children. Brown Bear will be having a small gathering where children will be able to exchange cards if they choose to. We will have a small a pizza party along with some snacks. We request that parents donate $2 or choose to provide pizza in preparation for this exciting day. After the party, children will exchange cards if they choose to.

“Play is the highest form of research.” –Albert Einstein

Highlights of the Week

  • Group discussion topics

  • Why are we experiencing hot weather in winter?

  • Reviewed who was Thomas Edison

  • Since president’s day is this month,

  • Children were introduced the first president of US – George Washington

  • Children continue to develop their independence by:

  • Using the child size pitcher

  • They are able to pour their own milk and pass it to the next person

  • Clothing themselves, putting on their sweater or dressing up themselves during dramatic play

  • Cutting their own food into smaller pieces, peeling bananas, spreading jelly on their waffle.

  • This week they were exposed to simple fraction vocabulary such as 1 whole and half.

  • Since waffles are one the children's favorite snack, they all had the opportunity to cut their waffle into half, some children even attempted to cut it into fours.

  • The children enjoy going on a “bear hunt”, asking to do sing the bear hunt song multiple times throughout the week!

  • This is a great song because it includes many preposition words and is an interactive song so the children move along to the words.

  • Dinosaurs have been an interest to the children!

  • We received new dinosaurs in our classroom by a classmate’s parent (Thank you!) and the children were overjoyed to play with them.

  • Children were interested in learning new vocabulary associated with dinosaurs

Atelier (Art Studio)

  • Children played with clay

  • Created various types of animals and insects such as; snakes, butterflies, and ladybugs. They added pipe cleaners as wings or antennas

  • They played with a container filled of beans and tools

  • They used bowls, funnels, and spoons to transfer beans

  • Used markers and colored pencils to draw pictures.

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