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Practicing Motor Skills

Pony ride and pictures day will be on Thursday December 14th, it will begin between 9:15am- 9:30am. Parents are welcome to join your child in the pictures.

Please REFRAIN from taking any pictures with your camera or cell phone. Taking pictures with Cameras or cell phones will not be allowed. pictures will be taken by the photographer and will be available for purchase.

Winter concert is in TWO WEEKS! Sample outfits are now on display in the entrance area. Parents may choose to purchase the outfits on their own OR let the teachers know if you would like us to purchase it. If you are having trouble purchasing the bow tie or tie and suspenders for the boys please let us know by Wednesday December 6, 2017 so we can order it for you. It is important for the parents to bring the children’s outfit to school by Friday DECEMBER 8TH and handed to the teachers. If you have any questions please let us know.

For the week of December 11th-15th, 2017 there will be light academics in favor of more preparation for our winter concert. Parents please note there will be no email sent on December 15th, 2017.

Highlights of the week!

  • The children are interested in learning more about the continent they live on (North America)

  • The children have discussed what a continent is vs. country

  • The three countries the children reviewed in class were United States of America, Canada, and Mexico

  • They were shown pictures of various country flags

  • Children commented about the different places they have seen the United States of America flag

  • On a daily basis, the children are reviewing and practicing their phonetic sounds and numbers

  • Children are practicing their fine motor skills by practicing their handwriting while holding a pencil.

  • Children are continuing to practice their manners such as; table manners, turn-taking when engaging in conversations, being respectful to the teachers and peers, using words when communicating

  • Since we are singing on a daily basis in preparation of our winter concert

  • Children are interested in learning about their voice and the body part that we use in order to talk, speak, scream, sing, etc.


  • Children have engaged in vocal warm-ups before singing

Art studio:

  • Children used clay to create sculptures. Most children added googly eyes to their creations calling them “monsters”. Others made things like: snakes, snowman’s, moms and dads, and cellphones.

  • Playing with clay fosters eye-hand coordination.

  • Manipulation of the clay (squeezing, pulling, squishing, rolling) improves dexterity.

  • Literacy growth by story telling with their clay creations.

  • After letting the clay air dry for a couple days, we came back to finish our creations. Children painted their pieces. They will be on display in the art studio shortly!

  • Children painted with paintbrushes and some children preferred using their hands to paint!

  • Some children wanted to draw pictures, and in doing so tell stories about what they’re drawing to one another.

  • The children enjoy playing with the sensory bottles (containers filled with various materials)!

  • Play with the sensory bottles addresses these skills:

  • Social- through sharing and communicating with one another

  • Sensory- through visual perception

  • Language- through describing the bottles to one another

Parents please remember, it is important to provide nutritious food for your children. Incorporating vegetables and fruits in your child’s meal is significant and is an essential food groups in order to provide the necessary nutrients needed for growth and development. We would like the parents to join our hands in providing vegetables daily for their children. We will be suggesting a vegetable of the week. In the classroom, we will be discussing where the vegetable comes from, the shape, form, taste, smell, texture, etc. It can take up to 15 exposures for a child to even try a food and another 10-15 for them to like it. In addition, if children see that all of their classmates have the same vegetable, it may encourage them to want to try it. We will be introducing CELERY this upcoming week.

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