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Shapes and Numbers

Happy first week of the year! We want to remind parents that we provide morning and afternoon snacks for all the children. Parents are more than welcome to provide breakfast for their children which we will serve during breakfast time in the class from 6:30am- 8:30am. After 8:30am, we will start wrapping up breakfast in preparation to start the day.

By 9:00am, the children begin Group Meeting time which is considered to be an important component of our day because we discuss a variety of topics, including reviewing our material, phonics and numbers, and how our day will be like. We would love for you to join hands in bringing your child to school for group meeting so they do not miss this important part of the day.

Highlights of the week:

  • The new year has started with two of our children’s birthdays

  • Thank you to the parents for providing cupcakes for the whole class in order to celebrate their birthdays.

  • The children were interested in geometrical shapes as they were presented with cards with geometrical shapes and their assigned names.

  • Children were interested in matching the cards to the correct shapes

  • The children showed interest in using number rods.

  • The purpose of number rods are for the children to experience the quantities of each number and to learn their respective names.

  • Many of the children enjoyed working on their handwriting skills and practiced writing letters and numbers.

  • Some of the children showed interest in learning to read.

  • Children playing in the block area used their imaginations to the fullest by creating race tracks, mazes, and spooky houses.

Atelier (Art Studio)

  • Children used their creativity to make things like snakes, pizza, and their families using play dough and play dough tools. They were also able to expand their vocabulary by communicating with one another using words such as rolling pin, shovel, cutter, and slicer.

  • Children combined baking soda and colored vinegar to create a chemical reaction. While setting up for this science experiment, children discussed with one another what they thought would happen once we combined the two substances. All the children were fascinated by the reaction!

  • The children enhanced their scissor skills by giving a haircut to a face drawn on a paper plate. The children first drew and colored the faces and hair on their plates and then used scissors to cut the hair. Using scissors help develop fine motor skills and the children really enjoyed the activity!

  • Painting with paintbrushes was a big hit with the children this week as they painted real leaves that were collected from the playground! They mixed colors to create the color they wanted!

Parents that are sending food for your child that needs to be warmed up are to provide it in a microwavable safe container. Otherwise, some containers may release harmful chemicals that are harmful to the growing and developing children. Glass or ceramic containers are preferred and would be considered the best. In addition, here at Twinkle Tots we encourage everyone to “Go Green” to teach our children that we cannot waste or misuse any material, food, toys, and etc. It is important to teach our children to respect the earth for future generations.

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