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Happy New Year!!

Parents, please remember the school will be closed Monday January 1st.

Highlights of the week:

  • Children were excited to talk about their Holidays and wanted to have a group discussion. All the children had the opportunity to tell their story of what they did during the holidays. Many of them commented their favorite toy they received.

  • Children have found and interest in mummies, so we discussed what a mummy was and the process it took to make a mummy in Egypt.

  • Since they have found an interest in mummies the children created their own mummies! They worked in small groups; having one child be a mummy and the other children wrapping them up using toilet paper. They all took turns to be a mummy and wrapping each other up. The children really enjoyed this activity, they were eagerly shouting out “look at me! look at me!”.

  • Since we are big on recycling, the children reused the toilet paper creating “snow balls”. Afterwards the children were allowed to have a “snow ball fight” out of toilet paper crumpled together! This was fun for both teachers and the children!

  • This also allows the children to continue to review winter season and the different types of weather other states or countries may experience.

  • Children had some time to bond with one another as they all sat together to color with crayons and colored pencils. The children talked about what they were drawing and shared their thoughts with one another.

  • The children are increasing their fine-motor skills when using colored pencils and crayons in order to get them ready for writing.

  • Since we are going into a New Year this upcoming weekend, the children held a discussion about this holiday and what is taking place with planet earth.

  • The children went over on how planet earth will be completing a full circle around the sun this Sunday night. Children had the opportunity to visually see how the earth goes around the sun by watching two of their classmates show them. One child was a sun and the other child was planet earth.

  • After learning about the earths rotation, we had an early classroom New Years Eve party. The children each received a hat and 2018 glasses. We practiced the countdown from 10-0 and afterwards saying Happy New Years! Then the children were able to cheers with their friends, with a cup full of apple cider and gummy bears! They all enjoyed this mini celebration. Children commented their thoughts on apple cider, some enjoyed it while others thought it was too sour.

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