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Happy Friday

Feliz Viernes! (Happy Friday!) [Swahili: Ijumaa ya Furaha]

The younger group of children:

  • Are continuing to learn about their body parts in terms of their function

  • They are practicing their letter recognition; learning the first alphabet of their names

  • In addition to practicing their number recognition

  • The children enjoy experimenting and working with the various colors and shapes

  • They really enjoy reading books about dinosaurs and exploring the different sounds made by dinosaurs.

  • In the art studio,

  • The children created a collage

  • The children experimented with slime, using their sensorial sense

  • They also enjoy working with different modes of painting, this week the children painted with shaving cream and paint

  • The children are also very fascinated with balloons, and enjoy playing with them.

The older group of children:

  • The children are interested in learning and speaking different languages

  • Most of them enjoy counting their numbers in Spanish, especially when we are doing our morning stretches

  • We want the children to be exposed various languages and learn about the different cultures

  • This week the children were introduced to the common language of East Africa which is known as Swahili, we have learned the numbers 1-10

  • Parents we would love to have your input and feedback if you would like to share any information on the East African countries

  • Since the children show a lot of interest in learning different languages, we will be incorporating many other cultures. If you would like to share any information on a specific country please let the teachers know.

  • The children's interest continues with creating their own houses, castles, and zoos while including dinosaurs and other animals.

  • They also are interested in working with puzzles, many of them are very determined to complete the puzzles.

  • Language and mathematics are incorporated daily in the children's activities

  • In the art studio,

  • The children continued working and building their puppet theater

  • They have already built the theater and are in the process of finishing up the painting

  • The children participated in making slime, they had the opportunity to measure and stir the ingredients together.

  • They all really loved it!

  • The children also had the opportunity to create different things using straws and slime, many created spiders!

  • The children also had the opportunity to create their own blow painting monsters, they drew their own monster with a black marker then poured paint on their paper and spread the paint using the straws

We hope you all have a good weekend!

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