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Children's Fun Activities

Ms. Jenny and Ms. Stephanie’s class:

Group meeting:

  • We continued to work on solid figures because the children were interested last week as we introduced 3D figures where they were connecting it to real life objects, mentally. This week we physically had objects that pertained to the 3D figures!

  • We continue practicing our letter recognition and letter sounds with different materials in the classroom such as; sound boxes and rehearsing the sounds of each letter by identifying and recalling different real life objects.

  • Children are continuing to practice and learn numbers with different materials to better understand the concepts

  • Many of the children are interested in working with puzzles, many of them will do more then one at a time because they enjoy them so much.


  • Kids love playing with balloons so this week we started a new activity that included them! The class as a whole made a balloon rocket out of a balloon, yarn, straws, & tape! The kids enjoyed this and we launched it several times! The children wanted to continue to work on this throughout the week.

  • We combined vinegar and milk to make plastic, the children enjoyed mixing the two liquids and then straining the milk to create the plastic substance, they then molded it into what they wanted!

  • Children wanted to practice their cutting skills so they used scissors and magazine paper to cut. This helps develop their fine motor skills and the children just love cutting away!

  • Some children wanted to paint and create a picture, children enjoyed mixing the paint colors to create different shades.

Practical life: (supervised activity)

  • The children were ecstatic to start cutting their own fruit for snack time! For this activity, the children used their own utensils and sliced their own bananas.

  • The children used a butter knife to spread their jelly on their own waffles.

Ms. Irene's group

  • Children had fun with car map and asked the teacher, what are these and pointed at the traffic light. Children learned about traffic lights and what each color means. They learned red light means stop, yellow light means slow down, and green light means go. They made their own traffic lights with construction paper and said "stop, go" several times.

  • Children enjoy playing with the wooden blocks. Teacher provided a giant cardboard box with the cut-out shapes around the box so the children had a fun time putting the wooden blocks inside the cardboard box.

  • Children were curious about shakers. They asked what was inside of them and I told them it's beans. They questioned beans? I brought the green beans and showed it to children. They grabbed beans and putting beans back into the jar. (sensory)

  • They also read a book called, "please." Children remembered to say please when they want or need something from teachers.

  • Children were interested in shapes. They played a lot of puzzle that has shapes. children fold and crumbled up the paper of shapes that can fit into the whole of boxes. We read another book called, "in the ocean" and saw lots of different animals that were lived by the Ocean. Children named some animals that they already known. They could not take the eyes of from the book.

  • Children likes to play with the sounds puzzle especially the instrument one. Teacher introduced a new instrument called, "flute." They saw the musical notes and also were excited to see how flute make sounds and how it looks. They each had their chance to hold it and explore this new instrument.

In studio:

  • Children asked me that if we can have paintbrush. They mixed color with yellow and blue and painted on the paper with paint brush. They were amazed it changed color with different shades of green.

  • Children asked teachers to play playdough. They cut the play dough with plastic cutter and made pizza and dinosaurs with playdough

  • Children were interested drumming the jar. Children put the beans in the jar and the paper. We put different color and close the lid. Children shook the jars ten times and show how the colors turned out on the paper.

  • Children also asked me if we can play with shells when they saw shells on the jar. We put the shells on the blue construction paper and put green glitters on it too and called them their ocean.

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