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Circle Time

The younger group of children:

  • Moving vehicles have been an interesting topic for the children, so this week we placed trucks in two different trays one filled with salt and the other with cornmeal.

  • The children enjoyed moving the trucks around in the different substances telling the teacher how it felt using words like hard and sticky.

  • This activity has the children sharing and working side by side in the tray

  • Children are fascinated with huge cardboard boxes so in the studio we all colored one together, some children wanted to color the inside while others the outside.

  • The children asked for puppets this week, so the teacher did a puppet show with finger puppets.

  • Each of the children had the opportunity to create their own puppet show, while the other children listened to one another and took turns.

  • During group meeting time, we worked on our shapes and colors using cards

  • The children have enjoyed working with paintbrushes, so we painted with ice cubes and discussed the feeling of the ice. Children described it using words like: cold and hard.

The older group of children:

  • The children experimented and tested the density of liquids using water and oil.

  • The children concluded that water was denser than oil.

  • The children created ghost foam using baking soda and shaving cream, mixing these two substances created a dough-like mixture.

  • They children enjoyed the sensory aspect of this combination. They were also provided with a bottle with vinegar where they were able to spray their ghost foam and watch the reaction.

  • We have made more play-dough from scratch because all of the children really enjoy working with it.

  • Children are strengthening their fine motor skills by playing with play-dough

  • The children have discovered an interest in the clouds

  • During group meeting time, the children discussed how rain is formed, how the clouds hold the water. Many of the children came up with brilliant responses when asked to think about this process.

  • While playing outside the children have enjoyed laying down on the grass to look up and observe the clouds while using their imagination to describe what they look like.

  • The children have been interested in learning more about the different continents, so we have gone over them in more depth. Learning about the different temperatures, distinguishing the sizes, and where different animals live on.

  • Magnetic tiles and animals are very popular among the classroom, the children seem to really enjoy playing with them. It is interesting to hear what they are creating because they use their imagination to the fullest.

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