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Investigative Learning

It is the last Friday of the month, which means Harvest Fest is around the corner! Approximately two weeks away. We would like to let all the parents know that the potluck menu is available at the front office next to the sign-in sheet. Please pick an item and sign your child’s name on it.

Our breakfast time in the class is from 6:30am- 8:30am, after 8:30am we start wrapping up and get ready to start our day. If you are bringing your child after 8:30am, please make sure they are coming fed.

By 9:00am, the children are beginning their Group Meeting time. We consider Group Meeting time to be a very important component of our day; because we discuss a variety of topics that includes: reviewing our material, phonics and numbers, and how our day will be like. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and would love for you to join hands in bringing your child to school at the latest 9:15am, so they do not miss this important part of the day.

Highlights of the week:

The younger group of children:

  • We used shaving cream and paint to make a new color this week, and have been working on our color cards. Children enjoy different texture so working with shaving cream has been exciting for them.

  • Some of the children have asked to work with clay to create something while others ask for play-dough. They use tools to create what they'd like!

  • Because we have been working with colors in the studio, we painted with colors we are working on like green and blue! Painting is always exciting for them!

  • Children have been playing baseball outside. They take turns hitting with the bat and cheer each other on!

  • We used tape to make lines on the floor and practiced following the line. After we mastered a straight line, we went on to do a zigzagged line. The children develop balance and learn to control their body's while having fun as they walk on these lines!

  • Animals: They enjoy singing old McDonald's had a farm As we sing children take out small animals and use them with music Children put on the animal head pieces and make the sounds of the animal they are wearing!

The older group of children:

  • The children are always taking into consideration the different types of shapes they see in objects, especially when they are designing their creations.

  • This week we went over more complex geometrical shapes, discussing the specific qualities of each. The children provided great real-life examples of what the shapes looked like. Examples of the shapes were: rectangular based pyramids, triangular based pyramids, rectangular prisms, and etc.

  • In the classroom, we have many different materials that involve shapes and colors. These tend to be the most popular among the children. Recently, I have noticed the children using the material in new and different ways.

  • For example, using puzzle pieces to create different objects on their own, separate from the puzzle itself.

  • The Dramatic play area is also very popular, the children love to role/pretend play.

  • The children also really enjoy playing outside with the different toys available:

  • Baseball and basketball have been their first choice of play: playing either of these two sports allow the children to practice turn taking skills and working with one another.

  • The children also enjoy finding the direction of the wind using our handheld mini windmills

  • Many of the children also enjoy using and drawing with chalk.

  • It is also nice to the see the children working together, helping one another if another child needs help.

  • The children also had the opportunity to see and examine a praying mantis bug. They were all excited to see it and were sad to see it go. This sparked their interest in searching for more bugs outside.

  • Language and mathematics are incorporated daily in the children's activities

In the art studio:

  • There are different activities available for the children to do, depending on their interest. The popular activities and crafts for the children this week were:

  • Experimenting and learning a little more about how rain is created. The children were given a mason jar full of water with shaving cream on top. The shaving cream gave the idea of a cloud. The children were given a spray bottle with blue water. Each child was allowed to spray the water. Children realized that the “clouds” need to get full of water before they release any water below. While the children were observing this process, we discussed more in-depth of how rain is created.

  • The children really enjoyed watching this process and wanted to do it a second time.

  • Some of the children enjoy painting, while doing so we tried to create different colors using the three primary colors. Some of the children enjoyed mixing the secondary colors to see what color they create.

  • The children’s interest in body part continues, we continue to discuss the purpose of each system and body part. Many of them are fascinated by bones, so they each made a white hand print where they will be able to add “bones” on. We will continue this project next week.

  • The children were also little chefs this week!

  • They made chocolate mousse using heaving whipping cream, unsweetened cocoa, sugar, and a pinch of salt.

  • They all enjoy participating in the making of food, but their favorite part is eating the food!

  • Almost everyone loved it and wanted more than seconds! (Only 2 small servings were provided)

  • Cooking and baking is great for the children because it involves mathematics and language.

  • We also have many wonderful and creative artists in the classrooms that enjoy drawing and coloring pictures for their loved ones.

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